The Black Business Directory was born out of the need to urgently address the staggering extent of poverty amongst black and coloured South Africans, by creating direct access to markets, both consumer markets and business markets.

“If all of us here can say ‘I have a black dentist, a black gynaecologist, a black architect, a black electrician, a black plumber… I buy my groceries from a black-owned supermarket; I buy my car from a black-owned dealership; I watch movies by black directors …’ (then we will start to see real transformation).”
Victor Kgomoeswana
Moneyweb, 7 October 2015

The Black Business Directory is a website that lists black businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, in a single, searchable directory format. Consumers (the general public) and businesses are able to search for the business service that they require and contact that black business directly. It’s a simple and easy to use platform of connectivity. In order to meet the growth and expansion aspirations of our registered businesses, the black business directory has positioned itself as more than just a business directory. It is a platform that espouses an ethos of black business, supporting service excellence, collaboration and community. .

The Need for a Black Business Directory

South Africa has an urgent need to address the unfolding crisis of poverty.

Who is poor in South Africa


The burden of poverty in South Africa is borne primarily by black and coloured South Africans. Whilst government has put in place numerous interventions to address the crippling extent of poverty, more needs to be done. Specifically, targeted interventions that address the crisis within the most affected communities are required. The Black Business Directory is one such intervention.