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Makgobe Molomo

Makgobe is an experienced business analyst with extensive experience in managing complex projects within both Government and corporate environments, across multiple sectors. She has consulted to various Government departments at all levels as part of strategy development teams, where her main function was quality assurance, stakeholder facilitation, and business process analysis, as well as policy research and development.

Maks spends her days working when meaningful work finds her, running the Black Business Directory, and being a mom to an untamed junior feminist named Zawadi.

Makgobe describes herself as multi-passionated, a recovering capitalist and a revolutionary hippie.

Natsikayi Pswarayi

Natsikayi is a self-professed number cruncher with a curious mind to learn new things. Her experience involves consulting for the private and public sector and social media. She has a keen interest in economics and big data, and spends her time looking for ways things can be done better or more efficiently. Nats has an insatiable sweet tooth, and a love for all things bookish.

Angela Ndlovu

Angela is an experienced project administrator with years of experience in both the corporate and government sectors. Her experience ranges from website development, to data analysis and management. Angie is people’s person, bubbly and a die hard believer in the empowerment of black women. Her “never-say-die” attitude keeps the BBD team sane.