If we agree that the goal of a society should be that all citizens enjoy a decent standard of living, then we need to acknowledge that: a) the majority of black south Africans do not, and b) Deliberate and corrective steps need to be taken to achieve decent living standards for black South African. In practical terms, this means that black businesses should ideally run themselves in a way that (in a small or big way) advances the developmental agenda of black people. In practical terms this means:

  • Building ecosystems of black business collaboration to pool effort and resources, build economies of scale to make us more competitive
  • Black businesses adopt fair and equitable labour and wage practices that actively empower and mainstream currently marginalised groups (youth, women, LGBTQ, disabled)
  • Black Businesses operate in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner
  • Black Businesses are deliberate in their focus on improving levels of skill and service.
  • Black businesses procure from other black business
  • Black businesses employ black people.

In so doing, the change we desire in the ownership and participation patterns of the economy will over time shift, and a more just and equitable society will emerge.